Club Time Trial Events 2018 – we need your help

We are looking for people to come forward to help run the Club’s Time Trials this year. You can run a single event, multiple events, or even the whole series.

As an organiser, you’d be responsible for running the event on the night and for sending final results and an event write-up for our website.  The only time you’d need to give is on the evening of the actual event.

This year’s dates are:

  • 2nd May
  • 23rd May
  • 13th June
  • 4th July
  • 25th July
  • 15th Aug

For anyone volunteering, the Club will run an organiser event to go through what to expect and what you’d need to do. The Time Trials are very easy to run. 

If we don’t get volunteer organisers, we will not be able to put on these events. If you are able to help with organising an event or will consider it but want more information please contact

If you are willing to help, please can you confirm by the 15th February