Ride the 2018 Tour of Flanders

Want to ride the cobbled classic Tour of Flanders in 2018 with the club? This is the final chance for any club members who require one of the hotel rooms we’ve booked.

The Men’s & Women’s Pro races are always held on the first Sunday in April. Therefore this year the sportive date is Saturday 31st March and the pro race on Sunday 1st April.

About the Tour of Flanders

The routes take in generally the same climbs and cobbles each year, but via different routes. Here’s the website for the 2017 event.

We Ride Flanders – Tour of Flanders Cyclo
Each year 16.000 cycling enthusiasts ride their Tour of Flanders the day before the pros! Be a part of this historical cycling experience.


Tour of Flanders in 2018

Typically we would look to travel over on the Friday, arriving mid afternoon, and travel back on the Sunday evening or Monday. You would collect your numbers either the day before the event or on the morning of the event itself. My advice is to collect the day before as it saves queuing on the morning of the event. As the day is long enough as it is.

For the road sportifs this year there were 4 distances year:

  • 74km
  • 141km
  • 200km
  • 237km

There is usually a reduced fee for early registrations and the entry typically ranges from € 20-50.

The middle is a great distance as you get to do virtually all the climbs and cobbled sections. For the mid one start time is between 7am -10am. I would recommend starting as early as possible as you have a better chance of getting up the climbs unobstructed, as quite often you can be forced to walk if you leave late.

If you plan on doing the 2 longer distances they usually start at a differenct city. Don’t forget to book the shuttle service (long & full distance) immediately with your registration!

You must pay € 10 warrant for an identification tag in addition to the registration fee. On arrival the organisation will reimburse this warrant.

Participants from Belgium will receive their package by post, one week before the event.

All other participants can pick up their number on the spot at the preregistration booth. One week before the event they will get their number by email. With this number they can pick up their tag at the preregistration booth.

The preregistration booth will be open on:

  • Friday 30/03 between 2pm and 7pm in Oudenaarde.
  • Saturday 31/03 from 7am in Oudenaarde or in the start location for the long and full length.

How much will it cost me?

Euro Tunnel return journey at present is circa £162 per car. It takes around 1.5 hours to get to Gent from the Euro tunnel. This will get more expensive the later it is booked as it is Easter Weekend. The ferry is currently around £128.

The cheapest hotel i can find is approx £100 per room per night excluding breakfast. I have reserved in Ghent:

  • 6 x twin rooms in Hotel Carlton
  • 7 x twin rooms in the Ibis Opera

Please let me know if you are interested by responding to michele_cw@hotmail.com