July 2021 Segment of the Month

July’s segment moves riders closer to Winchester, for a high-speed climbing challenge on one of the local favourite routes.

Many will be fully familiar with the slopes of Rodfield Lane and this month’s segment asks riders to push their limits over the second (and more challenging) half of this route. At around 1.2 miles in length with a deceptive average gradient of 3.6%, this will be a fast climb that requires a VO2-Max effort along with plenty of time spent out of the saddle.

July’s segment profile

The segment begins as you pass the end of the paddock on your right, following the cluster of farm buildings that mark the virtual ‘mid-point’ of the entire full length of Rodfield Lane.

A short false flat then sees a right and then left turn in the road, as the gradient begins to increase, as you then pass the gate to the gravel trail on your right, continuing along the gently curving lane over the first steeper section of the segment.

At the half way mark the gradient temporarily flattens a little and the gentle right-hand curve to the road then straightens, providing some small relief, as you survey the final pitch that will loom into view ahead of you.

Then it’s a sprint uphill to the end, over the last 0.2 miles. You’ll need to summon as much power as you can to maintain your momentum over the last stretch, for the run-in to the finish line, that ends a safe distance from the junction with the A272.  

Please remember to adhere to whatever the prevailing rules are around social distancing at the time, obey the rules of the road and remain especially vigilant for oncoming traffic and hikers or any other cyclist using the road ahead.

The link to the segment is here: https://www.strava.com/segments/28953695

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