April provides riders with an opportunity to contest their short-power credentials, with this year’s competition’s sprint segment.
This is a short segment of only around a third of a mile, with a slight false flat for the majority of the effort, finishing with a punchy riser.

The segment begins approximately 30-yards or so, beyond the sharp 90-degree left hand turn, on the Southbound section of Kilmeston road from New Cherition.

The aforementioned turn, whilst relatively open and well sighted, is quite sharp. For this reason, the start-line is deliberately placed a good distance from the bend, to prudently allow riders to avoid any need to ‘over-speed’ the corner and potentially come to harm.

The first part of the segment is a short, straight, false flat. To succeed in registering a good time, you will need to be sprinting at full-gas by the end of this initial section.

From here, the road rises up for a short but challenging riser, testing your ability to ignore the temptation to listen to your burning legs and stop.

Thankfully the finish line is only a few yards ahead, just beyond the driveway of the house on your immediate left, that marks the start of the village, just past the 30mph road signs.

As usual, please remember to obey the rules of the road and remain vigilant for walkers and other hazards when attempting to set a time on this segment.

Please also take specific care on this segment, to look out for vehicles that may approach quickly from behind you as you make progress along the road towards Kilmeston.

Also, please consider the safe and prudent use of front and rear lights where sensibly appropriate. The link to the segment is here:


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