February’s segment moves us across to the East side of Winchester, as we face a climb that is longer and thankfully not very steep, in contrast to January’s Cow Drove Hill.

This familiar local climb, is the perhaps a little less popular, but no less challenging, Western route up Beacon Hill, that starts from the junction with the Corehampton road.

At just over one-and-a-third miles in length with a steady 3% average gradient, this segment will prove a challenge for riders, in properly pacing a sustained above threshold effort. 

The segment begins approximately 30- yards back from the junction with the main Corehampton road, as you ride North in the direction of Beacon Hill summit.

An initial steady and gentle left-hand curve to the road ahead, sees you navigate a relatively flat initial section of the segment, with thick hedgerow either side of the road.

As you approach the foot of the climb-proper, the road straightens and passes some gates to your right, seeing you then ride under the canopy of trees, with the road emerging onto the gradient, marked by a large new-build house on your right. 

From here, there is around just under a mile of straightforward climbing, with the gradient gently fluctuating between 3 and 5 percent.

The only ‘feature’ of note is a slight right-hand curve to the climb that occurs around a quarter of the way up, marked by a lane that spurs off to the left of the main road.

With around 100 metres to go until the segment end you’ll notice the gradient start to level off, giving a view of the sharp left turn ahead. The finish line itself is placed a sensible distance before this curve,  to avoid any nasty accidents from riders attempting to navigate the 90-degree bend at high speed.

As usual, please remember to obey the rules of the road and remain vigilant for walkers and other hazards when attempting to set a time on this segment. Please also take specific care on this segment, to look out for fast moving oncoming cyclists, horse riders, runners and traffic, that may be descending the hill.

Also, please consider the safe and prudent use of front and rear lights where sensibly appropriate. The link to the segment is here:



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