June presents us with the Queen Stage of this year’s competition, as we move Eastwards, towards Petersfield just in time for what will hopefully a month of calm winds and bright sunshine.

This year we give Old Winchester Hill a rest from Queen Stage duties and instead our focus turns to Stoner Hill, that runs North from the outskirts of Petersfield climbing steeply, along the road that eventually takes travellers back towards the direction of Alresford. The segment is around 1.4 miles in length, with a circa 5% average gradient, hitting a painful 14% peak almost midway through the climb.

Climb profile for June 2022 SoTM 

The photograph in figure 1.0 below shows the start line of this year’s Queen Stage segment, which just beyond an inconspicuous post box, a few yards along the road, to the North of the bike shop on your left.

Figure 1

The road curves gently to your left and climbs almost imperceptibly before taking a right-hand turn, at which point the gradient ramps up considerably and you begin to realise why the area is also named as ‘Steep’ on local road signs.

The gradient peaks at around 14% before a left-hand turn marks a drop to a relatively steady 6% or so, for another few hundred meters. At this point you are both literally and figuratively in the woods and will need to have carefully measured your effort along this first half of the climb to avoid blowing up badly.

Another longer and more pronounced left-hand turn sees the gradient suddenly relent and if you have any energy left now will be the time to press-on and build some significant speed to set you up nicely for the run in to the finish line.

Shortly thereafter a sharp right-hand turn in the road sees you facing the final 400 or so meters at a relatively more comfortable 4% or so. This is punctuated by a final small ramp before the finish line beckons, just ahead of the turning to your left beyond the first crest of the main hill. See figure 2.0 below showing a photograph of the finish line.

Figure 2

Make no mistake, this is a tough climb that will test your mettle if you have any hopes of featuring near the top of the leader board for this month.

For those competitors who have not ridden this climb before, below is a link to a ‘Recce’ ride video showing a (slow) riders-eye view of the climb.


As a reminder, because June is our Queen Stage of this year’s competition, double points are on offer for every placing in the top 10 of the leader boards.

As always, please follow the rules of the road, along with any social distancing requirements that may be in place at the time.  
June Segment


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