I declare I have read the information contained on this form and hereby consent to my child taking part in the Velo Club Venta cycling activities and understand and agree that he/she participates entirely at his/her own risk. I have considered the nature of such activities and have discussed them with him/her. I am satisfied that he/she is sufficiently responsible and competent to assume full and entire responsibility of his/her own safety. I confirm that he/she does not have any disability or medical condition that could affect his/her ability to participate safely in cycling Club activities.

  • By submitting this completed form, I agree to the child named above taking part in the activities of the Club.
  • I understand that I will be kept informed of Club activities.
  • I understand that in the event of any injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with that injury/illness appropriately.
  • I understand and have discussed with the child named above that he/she must participate in the Club’s activities in a sporting manner.
  • I understand that if the child named above misbehaves or puts others in danger he/she will be asked to leave the Club.
  • I understand that it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the child’s bicycle is in a safe condition to ride.
  • I understand and have discussed with the child named above that a correctly fitting cycling helmet, appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.
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