VC Venta ‘Sporting Ten’ – The Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the VC Venta ‘Sporting Ten’ Time Trial on Sunday 18th April 2021. And a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers and sponsors who made it happen.

The event was the first of the Sporting Time Trial Series (STTS) which included the first ‘Spring Cup’ event for the road bikes.

It turned out to be a glorious day in Winchester, with lots of extremely positive feedback from the riders for our first Open TT in two decades! We will most certainly be looking to organise more in the near future.

Now, drum roll please… below are the prize winners and awards from the event. All will be contacted directly via email.

Chapeau to some absolutely mind-blowing times on that course…that KOM (Charlie) is likely to remain for some time!

Prize Winners

Road Prizes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Male Nick Tyrie £40 Callum Dunford £30 Aaron Cooper £20 N/A N/A
Female Hannah Lennard-Jones £40 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Junior/Youth Matthew Gilmour £20 Oscar Hoult £15 Pedro Hutchinson £10 Joshua Chamberlain £5 Ethan Skipwith £3
TT Prizes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Male Charlie Bailey £40 Samuel Wadsley £30 George Skinner £20 N/A N/A
Female   Grace Terry £40 Rebecca Fellows £30 £20 N/A N/A
Junior/Youth Felix Tuck £20 Thomas Caine £15 Samuel Hughes £10 N/A N/A

Road Bikes (Spring Cup)

No. Name Club/Team Cat Time
40 Nick Tyrie Primera-Teamjobs Sen 22:23
28 Callum Dunford Jam Cycling Race Team Sen 22:38
31 Aaron Cooper Velo Club Venta Sen 22:58
19 Max Flesher Velo Club Venta Sen 23:29
39 Ollie Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta Esp 23:29
35 Ben Gibbs Velo Club Venta Vet 23:34
33 Will Salisbury Coalville Whs Sen 23:54
27 Matthew Gilmour Velo Club Venta Youth 24:20
36 James Goward Farnborough & Camberley CC Vet 24:35
38 Pete Christensen Alton CC/Owens Cycles Vet 24:48
29 Tom Smith Velo Club Venta Esp 24:49
30 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Vet 24:59
10 Daniel West GS Mossa Sen 25:06
21 Ruan Simpson Velo Club Venta Sen 25:35
13 Oscar Hoult Velo Club Venta Youth 26:04
12 Peter Robinson Farnborough & Camberley Sen 26:04
3 Jim Cascarini Velo Club Venta Vet 26:06
20 Giles Corner Clapham Chasers Sen 26:13
26 Mark Wright VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 26:17
11 Pedro Hutchinson Velo Club Venta Youth 26:23
15 Martin Evans Velo Club Venta Vet 26:41
2 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour Vet 26:47
22 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines Vet 26:55
8 David Price Petersfield Triathlon Club Sen 27:29
18 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael Vet 27:47
16 Nigel Powell Velo Club St Raphael Vet 28:07
24 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 28:10
4 Hannah Lennard-Jones Petersfield Triathlon Club WS 28:20
17 Andrew Cowie Velo Club Venta Vet 28:36
32 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael Vet 28:51
14 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley Vet 29:06
9 Joshua Chamberlain Velo Club Venta Youth 34:07
5 Ethan Skipwith Velo Club Venta Youth DNS
1 Kym Harvey Fareham Wheelers CC WV DNS (A)
6 Justin Olley Sotonia CC Vet DNS (A)
7 Brenda Hoult Velo Club Venta WV DNS (A)
23 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta Jun DNS (A)
25 Ben Sharrock Velo Club Venta Vet DNS (A)
34 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Vet DNS (A)
37 Matthew Norris Primera-Teamjobs VetDNS (A)

TT Bikes (Stealth Machines)

No. Name Club/Team Cat Finish Time
63 Charlie Bailey Lee Valley Youth CC Esp 20:16
62 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs Sen 21:07
58 George Skinner Primera-Teamjobs Sen 21:09
60 Ben Williams GS Mossa Sen 21:19
61 Henry Latimer Didcot Phoenix CC Sen 21:29
59 Justin Webb ...a3crg Vet 21:46
54 Jamie Parkinson GS Mossa Sen 22:19
64 Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta Sen 23:23
53 Felix Tuck V C Meudon Jun 23:53
51 James Bark Mickey Cranks Cycling Club Sen 24:13
50 Thomas Caine V C Meudon Jun 24:17
56 Drew Hosie ...a3crg Vet 24:17
48 Chris Hughes Velo Club Venta Vet 25:35
52 Mike Boyce ...a3crg Vet 26:49
45 Grace Terry Oakley Pedalers WS 27:00
46 Daniel Mahony Velo Club Venta Vet 27:05
47 Rebecca Fellows Tri Training Harder WS 28:09
42 Samuel Hughes Velo Club Venta Youth 30:57
44 Joanne Clarke Velo Club Venta WS DNS
49 Mike Askins Chiswick Cycling Club Sen DNS
55 Thomas Epton Southampton University Road CC Sen DNS
57 Jack Martin Velo Club Venta Esp DNS
43 Niclas Olley Sotonia CC Youth DNS (A)
65 Philip Allen Velo Club Venta Vet DNS (A)



'All round good bloke and veteran tester’ Mike Anderson - CC Moncontour, for contributing to the prize pot for the riders:

Club Event Sponsor and Winchester Café - Eat, Drink and Be for their continued support with all VC Venta Racing events:


Coop’s Coffee and Protein Smoothies for providing drinks on the day from the van:

The Watercress Company for providing parking and free post-race bags of cress for the riders:

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