Our VCV Segment of The Month (SoTM) challenge is back for its eighth edition in 2022.

We've updated the name of the existing Strava club for this year, so if you previously signed up for 2021 you are all set and ready to go; please find the link to the Strava club below:

Strava Club

As a reminder, please check out the full rules of the competition via the following link:

Competition Rules               

We start off this year's competition with a short climbing segment that is close to home and familiar to many. The segment begins at the foot of the hill on the Stoke Charity Road (just beyond the King Charles Pub in Kingsworthy) and climbs Northwards towards the railway line. 

The right hand turn at the top of the first section marks the end of the steepest part of the overall climb. From here the road flattens slightly, with the railway on your left and fields on your right, before a very sharp left-hand turn takes you across the bridge that spans the London to Southampton main-line. 

This is now just past the halfway point of the segment and the run-in to the finish line requiring you to bear left off the main Stoke Charity road. You take the unnamed farm road for the sprint-finish to the segment end point at the very peak of the hill, crossing the line with commanding views of the Hampshire countryside in all directions. 

At just over half a mile in length with an average gradient of only 4.3%, this is expected to be a fast segment that will suit not only pure climbers, but also provide a good opportunity for the punchier more powerful riders in the competition.       

As always, please follow the rules of the road, along with any social distancing requirements that may be in place at the time. 

The link to the segment is here:    

January Segment of the Month

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