Sunday Club Rides

Our Sunday Club Rides are social and strictly non-drop, riding at the pace of the slowest rider. We also arrange alternative Tuesday Evening Rides for those seeking a harder effort and fortnightly Women's Rides.

We meet at the Winchester Hotel & Spa car park on Worthy Lane at 9am and follow a set route on a rotation basis.

Club Rides 2022

Group rides will follow the scheduled ride routes. More information on which route will be used on a weekly basis can be found below!

Club 14 Ride Routes Club 16 Ride Routes

General Guidance Due To Ongoing Covid Concerns

  • Please do not consider joining the rides if you have COVID-19, are currently experiencing any symptoms, or are isolating as a contact.
  • Make sure you come equipped with spare tubes, tool, pump etc. to minimise contact with others as these should not be shared
  • We welcome guests to join us on our club rides. Please make yourself known to the ride leader upon arrival at the meeting point.

Further information about safe riding can be found on the British Cycling website and we recommend that anyone coming along to the VC Venta club rides are familiar with this advice. British Cycling COVID Guidance

Ride Pace & Distance

  • Club 14 – Ride average 14-15 mph, around 30-35 miles with a coffee stop either en route or at the end (2.5 hours).
  • Club 16 – Ride average 16-17 mph, around 50-55 miles with a stop for coffee en route (3.5 hours).
  • Club 18 – Ride average 18-20+ mph, around 55-60 miles with a coffee stop at the end (3 hours).
    When meeting at the start location, please group together for correct ride with Club 14 riders to the left, Club 16 riders in the middle and Club 18 riders to the right (outside the car park toilets!).

If any of the rides take the same route out of the city, please allow faster riders to go first to ease the congestion on the roads.

Rides Discipline

Ride routes follow a rotation programme with a ride leader and sweeper elected on the day, ensuring good riding discipline and that no one is dropped. If the group is larger than 12 people we will need to split and ask for volunteers to lead and sweep each additional group. Please upload the ride route to your GPS in anticipation.

All Club members share responsibility with the ride leader to maintain the agreed pace and coherence of the group, as well as a friendly tone. While it isn’t difficult to act as leader, your life and everyone else’s will be a lot easier (and safer) if all riders are familiar with a few guidelines.

If you are new to the Club, please make yourself known to the leader so that we can ensure you are in the right paced ride and are well looked after.

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